I Gusti Kompiang Adnyana

I Gusti Kompiang Adnyana

I Gusti Kompiang Adnyana, the Head of the Bali Regional Office of the ministry of  “Justice and Human Rights”, ensures that there are no more rogue immigration officers who commit extortion against foreigners during the examination of travel documents at the Denpasar Ngurah Rai Airport.

The statement refers to the issue of Immigration staff offering bribery to foreigners who don’t want to stand in the immigration queue for the passport control, often also called “Fast Track”.

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“There are no more rogue officers, I guarantee no more. This was an issue a few months ago and has now been rewired, and it doesn’t happen any more,” said Kompiang Adnyana in Denpasar, Bali, on Thursday (11/27/2014).

The issue of alleged illegal payments (bribes) taken by immigration officers came from comments from Made Pastika, the Governer of Bali, through complaints from foreigners who visit Bali. Governor Pastika says he will make a video recording of the poor service from the immigration officer at the airport. Moreover, when long lines occur at the passport control, the number of officers is actually at a minimum.

“We continue to fix. What was once a long queue, we try to improve in order to serve well. It is already better now,” he said.

Bali airport immigration queue

Bali airport immigration queue

In addition, long lines take about 2-3 hours to serve 3,000 to 6,000 people. Under these circumstances, the number of immigration officers and technical services should be reconsidered so that tourists, especially foreigners to Bali, can feel comfortable.

Source : http://regional.kompas.com

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