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Bali airport taxi rate

Below are the current Bali airport taxi rates. There are two different prices for transfers. The first one are fixed rates (issued in February 2015). The second and most recent is rates by distance – similar to a meter taxi (published in September 2017).


  1. Who runs Bali airport taxi
  2. Where can I find the Bali airport Taxi counter
  3. New Bali airport taxi rates (issued in September 2017)
  4. Bali airport taxi fixed rates (first issued in February 2015 – still used)
  5. Contact details
  6. Beware of airport taxi scams
  7. Bali private driver
  8. Other options

1. Kooperasi Taxi Ngurah Rai Bali

The Bali Ngurah Rai airport only allows for one official taxi operator. This is the “Koperasi Jasa Angkutan Taxi Ngurah Rai Bali”. This Koperasi is a group of individual taxi drivers who have teamed up to create a cooperation of taxi drivers.

The Bali airport taxi have a taxi counter both at the International and the Domestic arrival terminal.

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2. Where can I find the Bali airport taxi counter?

a) Domestic arrival terminal; the taxi counter is just after you exit the arrival building through the glass sliding doors. Turn to your right.

b) International arrival terminal; the taxi counter is next to the information desk after you walk through the little “Dufry” shopping arcade.

Before you get to the taxi counter at the International terminal you have the opportunity to exchange some money or visit the Telkomsel booth where you can buy a SIM card and internet data package (click to learn more).

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3. New airport taxi rates (issued in September 2017)

New rates have appeared at the taxi counter offering classic meter taxi rates. Below is a picture from the English text on the banner (click on the picture to see the full banner).

These new rates are the classic meter taxi rates although with a twist;

  1. The meter starts from Rp 7,000.
  2. The reservation tariff is Rp 10,000.
  3. The minimum fare is Rp 45,000.
  4. The waiting tariff is Rp 45,000 per hour.
  5. The distance rate is Rp 6,500 per kilometer.
  6. There is a 25% surcharge for transfers that are not in the Badung Regency or Denpasar City.

Click on the picture to see the full banner as displayed at the airport.

Bali Airport Taxi New rates

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4. Bali airport taxi fixed rates (issued in 2015);

Special note: even though these are the official published Bali airport taxi rates, it is possible that you will be asked to pay above these official rates. Mostly when you arrive late night or in peak season.

This blog is not related to the Bali airport taxi and if you wish to complain please use the Bali airport taxi contact details below.

Bali airport taxi rate 2015 new rates


  1. The rates for #22 and #31 are the other way around. Oberoi and Kerobokan are Rp 135,000 and Umalas, Banjar Semer and Kuwun (further away than Oberoi/Kerobokan) are Rp 150,000.
  2. Teuku Umar (#7 / Rp 125,000) and Renon (#8 / Rp 135,000) are less expensive than Sanur (#22 / Rp 150,000). This is somewhat unusual as Sanur is closer from the Bali airport than both Renon and Teuku Umar.

Bali airport taxi rate 2015 new rates

Wonder what the old Bali Ngurah Rai airport taxi rates were?

You will need to state your destination and they will quote you the price. You will get a ticket with the number of your taxi and the price you need to pay.

Your taxi driver will be at the counter as well and walk you to the car. You pay direct to the driver (not at the counter).

Bali airport taxi ticket
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 5. Bali airport taxi contact details

  • Phone: +62 361 935 1011 (airport) extension 5566
  • E-mail: or

The Bali airport now also has a public transport bus system as of September 2015 onwards (click to learn  more).

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5. Scams

Sometimes the Bali airport taxi will charge higher than the official rates. This generally happens during peak times when there is a big demand for taxis.

Also, if you arrive late night, the official airport taxi counter may have closed. There will still be taxi drivers hanging around although they will take advantage of the situation and charge very high fees.

Have a look in the comments below to read what others have experienced. If you have been charged above the official rate for the Bali airport taxi please share your experience with us.

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6. Bali private driver

Bali private driver ~ if you rather not deal with the overpriced airport taxis you can also consider getting your own private driver. If you have a private driver waiting for you you will not have to queue for an airport taxi. You will also not need to worry about having to negotiate a fair price with the airport taxi crew.

Contact our friends at Top Bali to book a reliable private driver for an airport transfer or day tour.


If you are looking for inspiration on things to do while in Bali make sure to have a look at “33 Fantastic things to do in Bali” by our friends at Tray Tables Away.

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7. Other alternatives

Hotel driver ~ Most hotels in Bali offer optional airport transfer services at a supplement fee. Some hotels will include free airport transfers if you book direct.

Grab Taxi ~ This is the Asian version of Uber (founded in Malaysia). You will need to have the Grab Taxi app installed on your smartphone.

Bluebird ~ Bluebird is one of the most reputable meter taxis in Bali. They are officially only allowed to drop customers at the Bali airport. They do not have a license to pick-up customers from the Bali airport. Nevertheless, it is sometimes possible to go up to the highest floor where the international departure terminal is and quickly hop into a Bluebird taxi who has just delivered customers to the departure terminal.

Sarbagita public bus ~ Sarbagita is the public transport provided by the Bali province. They have a bus stop at the international arrival terminal on the ground floor. The bus drivers about every 30 minutes to an hour. A bus ticket will cost you about Rp 7,500. The bus stops at major roads and is perhaps not convenient unless you have very little luggage to carry.

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