5 Useful resources to monitor the Bali Agung Volcono ash cloud

These are 5 useful sources if you try to follow what happens with the Agung Volcano and its effects on the Bali Airport.

1. Official Twitter account of the Bali Airport.
This page will post updates when the airport closes and also when it reopens.

Bali airport twitter page
Bali Airport Twitter page.
29 June 2019.

2. NOTAM or “Notice to Airmen”.
This site lists all the NOTAM for the Bali airport. This site is designed for pilots and airline staff and takes some practice to decode. This is where you can find when the airport closes and for how long. If the airport is open no NOTAM will be listed. Timings here are also UTC and if in Bali you need to add 8 hours.

3. Australian Bureau of Meteorology.
This site has graphics of the current ashcloud and forecasts within the next 6, 12 and 18 hours. The timings are UTC time. This means that if you are in Bali you need to add 8 hours to the timings on the forecasts.

Graphic of Ash Cloud in Bali.
29 June 2018.

4. NASA Worldview.
Daily updated satellite images from the world. If you zoom into Bali you can see the ash plume coming out of the Volcano!

Sattelite image with Agung Volcano ash plume.
29 June 2018.

5. Indonesian department for Meteorology.
This page has images from the Himawari satellite.

2015 Bali ash cloud from Rinjani volcano

Mount Rinjani is an active volcano on Lombok Island (east of Bali). Rinjani is 3,726 metres tall making it the second highest volcano in Indonesia after Mount Kerinci (3,805m).

The volcano eruption is actually on Mount Barujari which is a “child” volcano of Mount Rinjani. Barujari is a post-caldera cone that is in the Rinjani lake.

Mount Barujari Cone
Mount Barujari Cone in middle of lake

Mount Barujari started erupting on Sunday, 25 October 2015, at 10:04am. Below are a series of satellite pictures taken almost daily. On some pictures you can clearly see the ash cloud blowing from east to west direction Bali.

Have a look here at the July 2015 ash cloud satellite images caused by the Raung Volcano.

Bali airport flight disruptions

The volcano ash cloud has been drifting towards Bali causing the Bali airport to close for some time. The longest the Bali airport was closed so far was for 43 hours. This was from 3 November (19:30h) to 5 November (14:30h).

Nearly 700 flights where cancelled during these 43 hours and thousands of passengers were left stranded either in Bali or on the way to Bali.

Bali airport flight status

These were the closing times due to the Bali ash cloud from the Rinjani volcano on Lombok Island.

  • 10 November; no issues
  • 8 to 9 November; Bali airport closed from 21:45h (8 Nov) to 06:40h (9 Nov).
  • 6 & 7 November; no issues.
  • 3 to 5 November; Bali airport closed from 19:30h (3 Nov) to 14:30h (5 Nov).

Source; Federal Aviation Administration

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Bali ash cloud satellite images

Lombok Volcano eruption
13 November 2015
Lombok ash cloud
12 November 2015
Lombok ash cloud
11 November 2015
Volcano Rinjani ash cloud
10 November 2015

Satellite image 9 November 2015 not available

Rinjani volcano ash cloud
8 November 2015 | airport closed from 21:45h to 06:40h (+1d)
Rinjani volcano
7 November 2015
6 November 2015
6 November 2015
5 November 2015
5 November 2015 | airport closed from 00:00h to 14:30h
Rinjani ash cloud
4 November 2015 | airport closed from 00:00h to 23:59h
Bali ash cloud 3 November 2015
3 November 2015 | airport closed from 19:30h to 23:59h

Satellite image 2 November 2015 not available.

Bali ash cloud 1 November 2015
1 November 2015

28-31 October : no visible ash clouds

Bali ash cloud 27 October 2015
27 October 2015
Bali ash cloud 26 October 2015
26 October 2015
Bali ash cloud 25 October 2015
25 October 2015

Indonesia has 147 active volcanoes. The last eruption of the Rinjani Volcano was in 2010.

active volcanoes in Indonesia
147 active volcanoes in Indonesia.

Cover picture by Neils Photography.

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