Bali bans Uber

The Bali Provincial Transport Department has officially banned Uber in Bali as of Thursday, 21 January 2016.

Bali bans UberThis ban was imposed after an official meeting between the Bali Province Department of Transportation (DISHUB), the Bali Organization of Land Transportation (Organisasi Angkutan Darat – Organda), the association of freelance drivers in Bali, representatives of GrabCar and Uber as well as the police.

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Suwandhi, the head of the Bali Land Transportation Agency (DISHUB), explained that one of the considerations of  the ban is that Uber is similar to a conventional taxi service in which minimum rates should apply.

In addition to this, the cars used by the Uber drivers do not have the appropriate permits and often are cars from outside Bali.

So if Uber is banned what will happen with GrabCar?

It turns out that GrabCar has a different fate.

“At this moment we will continue to tolerate GrabCar rental shuttles because it operates as an intermediary between transport providers and users,” said Suwandhi at the meeting.

“In terms of services, Grabcar and Uber use the same online applications. However for the car fleet, GrabCar has a cooperation with local Bali operators who already have a transport license. GrabCar does not provide taxi transport services, but transport rental services that are paid in advance. Therefore, GrabCar is not bound to the rules of the application of the taxi fare, “said Suwandhi.

Uber Bali banned

Source : Tribun Bali

Suwandhi says that the policy is valid up to the decision of the ministry of transportation. He added that this policy will be handed back to Organda, the Bali Organization of Land Transportation, as they are the ones protesting.


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