The Bali airport cancels the use of the immigration entry form for overseas visitors.

This is as of 1 April 2015.

The white three fold immigration entry form is no longer used. This is the three-fold-form that was previously given to passengers on the plane before landing. Instead of this immigration form, visitors to Indonesia are now asked to show their boarding pass at the immigration counter. When a visitor leaves Bali, the immigration officer will ask to see the departure boarding pass.

Indonesia immigration card embarkation

The long term plan is to store and collect personal data online. This will happen through the Border Control Management system provided by SITA. This information will then be integrated with the PDIKOA system. This is an online system to store data of foreign visitors including their whereabouts.

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The custom declaration form is still in use and is still given to passengers on the plane before landing. If you were planning on grabbing a taxi upon arrival in Bali then have a look here at the the current Bali airport taxi rates.

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