As of 1 July 2015 Indonesia requires all business transactions to be done with the Indonesian Rupiah. Foreign currencies are no longer allowed to pay for services or goods. All rates for services or goods have to be shown in Rupiah.

There are some exceptions to this new regulation. These exceptions are mostly reserved for transactions made by the Indonesian Government.

The following are the exceptions to the rule. Continue here to see the original Indonesian version of this document.

Article 4
The obligation to use Rupiah will not apply to the following transactions:
a. certain transactions within the framework of the implementation of government budget revenue and government expenditures (see article 6);
b. acceptance or gift of grant from or to abroad;
c. international trade transactions;
d. Bank deposits in foreign currencies; or
e. international financing transactions.

Article 5
The obligation to use Rupiah also does not apply to transactions in foreign currency conducted under the provisions of the Law including:
a. Business activity in foreign exchange by the Bank under the Laws  that regulate banking and Islamic banking;
b. transaction of bonds issued by the Government in foreign currency in the primary market and the secondary market by Laws regulating government bonds and state Islamic bonds; and
c. other transactions denominated in foreign currencies conducted by Law.

Article 6
Certain transactions within the framework of the implementation of budget revenue and the expenditure referred to in Article 4 letter a covers:
a. foreign debt payments;
b. payment of domestic debt in foreign currency;
c. buying goods from abroad;
d. capital expenditure from abroad;
e. state revenues derived from the sale of state bonds in foreign currency; and
f. other transactions in the framework of the implementation of budget revenue and state spending.

Article 10
Each party is prohibited from refusing to accept Rupiah for completing an obligation that must be met by Rupiah and / or for other financial transactions in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
The exception to the obligation to accept a cash Rupiah payment is if there are doubts over the authenticity of the received amount of cash Rupiah  (e.g. counterfeit Rupiah).

Source : Bank Indonesia

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