Indonesia & Bali airport tax

As of 9 February 2015, all airlines departing from Indonesia are required to include the airport departure tax in the price of the ticket. This new regulation is valid for both domestic flights as well as international flights departing from Indonesia.

Departure Tax is also called Passenger Service Charge (PSC)

If you have purchased a ticket before 9 February 2015, when the tax wasn’t included in the ticket price yet; then you will still need to pay the airport tax. You will be asked to pay this at the airline counter upon check-in for your departure flight. After you paid, the airline staff will put a stamp on your boarding pass that shows you have paid.

If you have purchased a ticket after 9 February 2015; then the Bali airport tax will already be included in your ticket.

The exception to the above is AirAsia who only started this new process on 25 February 2015 (click here to see notice on the AirAsia website). If you have an AirAsia ticket that was purchased before 25 February, then you can pay the airport tax at the check-in counter but also in advance through their website ‘Manage my Booking’ feature or AirAsia sales offices.

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Passengers who are exempt from paying airport taxes are;

  1. Children below 2 years old.
  2. Passengers who are less than 24 hours in transit/transfer in an Indonesian airport for an international flight.
  3. Passengers who are less than 24 hours in transit/transfer in an Indonesian airport for a domestic flight.
  4. State guests with official paperwork and travelling with an official aircraft.
  5. Passengers who are forcefully in transit/transfer due to technical problems or bad weather conditions.

These are the current airport taxes for cash payments. This is only interesting to passengers who booked a flight before 9 February 2015 when the airport tax was not included yet.

    • Bali Ngurah Rai International airport; Rp 200,000 (international) and Rp 75,000 (domestic).
    • Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International airport; Rp 150,000 (international) and Rp 40,000 (domestic).

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Bali airport tax included after 9 February 2015


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