Bali is a beautiful and exciting destination for any traveler.

As one of the most famous of the tropical islands in Indonesia, any trip there is sure to be filled with exciting adventure, fascinating culture and perfect beach days. Whether you’re trekking up the dramatic slopes of Mount Batur, soaking up some spiritually in Goa Gajah temple or just stretching out and relaxing on Kuta beach, there’s no shortage of ways you can enjoy this tiny island.

Bali beach

Tropical Beaches in Bali

However, with so much to do and experience, packing for a trip to Bali can seem somewhat overwhelming. Finding that delicate balance between packing light and making sure you have everything you need is a fine art for all travelers. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a simple and easy list to follow that will help you put together the perfect packing list and make sure all you have to worry about is enjoying your vacation once you get there!


Bali is a famous beach paradise, so it goes without saying that beachwear is an essential place to start when choosing clothing for your holiday. Although the locals tend to dress very conservatively, scantily clad tourists are an accepted and valued part of the culture, so spending the majority of your time there in shorts and t-shirts is completely feasible.

Bali temple

Ulun Danu Bratan Temple

There are exceptions to this though. When visiting government buildings such as the Bali immigration office for example, you should always dress conservatively and of course act appropriately.

When visiting temples and holy sites, such as the Elephant Cave it’s a mark of respect to cover your shoulders and knees. It’s best to go for light materials, such as cotton, when covering up, as the climate will leave your very hot and sticky under heavier fabrics.

Some places provide sarongs for males and females, so they are able to cover themselves up appropriately. There are plenty of fine dining and clubbing opportunities on the island, so if you’re planning to frequent these types of places then dressing up is a common practice.

On the other hand, if you plan to explore some of the more rugged terrains, resilient clothing and walking boots are a good idea. You don’t want to rip your shorts while trying to navigate the volcanic slopes!


 The debate of what technology to bring is entirely dependent on what you plan to do on the island. For most people, having a mobile phone that can connect to the internet is all you’ll need. Using this one device you can document your trip, stay in touch with friends back home and even find things to do in the local area.

However, for bloggers, photographers and all other digital nomads, having a laptop or special camera on hand may be a necessity that you’re not willing to part with! In this case just remember to bring spare batteries/protective cases as traveling with valuables always has the potential for disaster no matter how prepared you think you are.

No matter what form of technology you chose to bring, for anyone planning on connecting to WiFi, it’s always wise to install a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This essential app has many benefits for travelers: it protects your device and personal information from hackers, it allows you to bypass geo-blocked websites, such as Netflix, and it allows you to access public WiFi securely.


Bali has many walk-in chemists and places to buy most bathroom items, so when packing you toiletry bag it’s advisable to leave the basics until you get there. Shower gel, toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo are all easily accessible, and it will drastically reduce your luggage weight if you purchase them on arrival. The two exceptions to this rule are tampons, which are not available for purchase at all, and sunscreen, which is notably more expensive than if you chose to bring it from home.

Similarly, although there are pharmacies that will supply you with almost anything, even prescription medications; however, it’s wise to bring a small first aid kit from home with some of the basics. Any tablets that you take regularly are, of course, essential, alongside a cure for traveler’s diarrhea—an unpleasant but unfortunately common ailment for anyone adventuring abroad.


It’s best to bring a few copies of essential documents such as passports and travel insurance. Although you probably have complete faith in your ability to look after things, you never know what situations may arise and whether things may get lost of stolen. It’s also wise to store the sets of copies in different places, so if one goes missing, the rest are still in tact.

In terms of currency, there are plenty of functioning western ATM systems all over the island that provide a much better exchange rate than many moneychangers. By withdrawing cash when you need it, you can avoid carrying large amounts of money with you at all times, which can be is disaster if it gets lost or stolen. However, conversely, it is wise to bring a small amount of back up cash as the ATM network goes under occasionally, so it’s best to prepare for the worst.

For travelers planning to carry on their adventure after Bali, it’s worth bringing some extra passport photos if you’re planning to apply for visas to nearby countries.

 Adventure Extras

Bali luggage

Pack wisely

Bali is an adventurer’s paradise. With so many opportunities to practice adventure sports, it’s no wonder that surfers, paragliders and even snowboarders flock to the island to get their adrenaline fix. Although much of this equipment can be hired from local distributers, those who want to bring their own personal equipment are more than recommended to do so. Most sports are easier and more enjoyable when you have your own equipment, so there’s no point degrading your experience just for the sake of packing light.

However, if you’re worried about traveling further afield with heavy and spacious luggage, then you can always leave some of your stuff at Bali Store Luggage — a great long and short term storage service on the island that promises to keep your things safe, secure and clean so you can focus on the adventure at hand.

Visiting Bali is sure to be the experience of a lifetime and by packing smart, you can dedicate your time to enjoying your vacation. This rough guide a great place to start when considering what to bring, but if you have any most specific tips to share, then be sure to leave a comment below!

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