Please contact us if you have more than one item so we can arrange a discount for multiple bags.

All rates are per item (bag, suitcase, box, …). Standard rate for short term storage at Rp 50,000 per bag per day. Rates for longer periods;

  • Rp 50,000 per bag per day or night
  • Rp 250,000 for up-to 1 week
  • Rp 325,000 for up-to 2 weeks
  • Rp 400,000 for up-to 3 weeks
  • Rp 475,000 for up-to 1 month
  • Rp 650,000 for up-to 2 months
  • Rp 790,000 for up-to 3 months
  • Rp 1,100,000  for up-to 6 months
  • Rp 1,350,000 for up-to 9 months
  • Rp 1,490,000 for up-to 1 year

All bags are stored onsite. Our store room is climate controlled 24/7. Find out more on how we care about your valuablesSpecial prices available on request for large volume or odd-size items (a motorbike, several surfboards, boxes …).

We accept cash payments and credit card. We also accept payments through PayPal, bank transfer and Wise.