We care about your possessions

Once luggage leaves your hands, it is in expert care. We treat your possessions with the best possible care as if it were our own. 

humidity control for bali storage unit

Climate Control

Meet Albert, our climate control specialist from Bali. Every day, Albert is able to extract up to 10 liters of water from the tropical air, reducing humidity levels to below 60%.

This helps prevent the growth of mold and other pests that prefer high humidity levels (which in Bali can range from 70% to 90%, depending on the season).

This is important as it prevents potential infestations of bugs which can only survive in a humid environment. The current outside temperature and humidity is provided below as reference.

cardboard box with 2 dogs at bali store luggage

CCTV Security

We have implemented a comprehensive CCTV security system that covers the streetside, the entrance, and the inside of the store room. This system includes double entry locks, steelbarred windows, and constant supervision, as additional layers of protection.

The CCTV cameras provide an extra layer of safety, allowing us to monitor and deter any potential intrusions.

laundry in Bali

Laundry Services

Our optional laundry service is the perfect solution for busy travelers. Simply hand over your dirty laundry to our team, and when you come back, you’ll have it freshly laundered and neatly folded, ready to wear.

We have partnered with a nearby laundry and provide this service at local prices. We kindly advise you not to include any sensitive or expensive items, as this is a small laundry service.

Luggage Padlock

We sell funky, colourful and easily recognizable Yale Padlocks. These high quality padlocks are made out of a tough solid body with an easy to use 3-digit combination lock.

These padlocks are available at Rp 99,000 per padlock.

With or without padlock, your luggage will always be secure regardless whether it is locked or not.

cardboard box with 2 dogs at bali store luggage

Complimentary Shower Facilities

Our shower facilities are a great way to freshen up after a long day of traveling or before leaving Bali.

With simple, easy-to-use shower and changing room, you can quickly and conveniently freshen up and make sure you look your best for your next adventure.

cardboard box with 2 dogs at bali store luggage

Packing Materials

If  you are short of suitcases or bags to stuff your things in then we have two sizes of cardboard boxes available.

  • Medium size box – 40cm x 35cm x 30cm – Rp 24,000 per box
  • Large size box – 70cm x 45cm x 38 cm – Rp 39,500 per box


cardboard box with 2 dogs at bali store luggage

Packing Services

We offer packing services for your souvenirs using cardboard boxes and bubble-wrap for the more fragile items. Contact us for further info.

cardboard box with 2 dogs at bali store luggage

Lombok Store Luggage

Need safe luggage storage in Lombok? Visit our friends at Lombok Store Luggage and contact them for safe luggage storage while visiting Lombok or the Gili Islands.

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