The minimum salaries in Indonesia are called the UMP Indonesia and the UMK Bali.

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UMP stands for “Upah Minimum Provinsi” or Provincial Minimum Wage. Indonesia has 34 provinces. A province is the highest level of the local government divisions in Indonesia. Each province sets their own UMP or minimum wage.

UMK Bali

Bali | nine regencies

UMK stands for “Upah Minimum Kabupaten/Kota” or Regency/City Minimum Wage. Every province has its own regencies for which Bali has nine.

Normally the UMP and UMK is calculated through a formula using economic growth, inflation and index variables. Using this formula the increase in wages for 2023 would have been 13%. Instead, the government has capped the maximum increase in minimum wage to 10%.

The province with the highest increase in minimum wage is West Sumatra with an increase of 9.15%. The province with the lowest increase in minimum salary in Indonesia is West Papua with an increase of 2.56% compared to 2022.

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Ultimately, the minimum wage of the regencies (Denpasar, Tabanan …) should be equal or higher than the minimum wage of the province (Bali).

The minimum wage is based on 40 hours of work per week and can either be;

  • 7 hours per day and 40 hours per week for 6 days of work per week.
  • 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week for 5 days of work per week.

Source; Law 13/2003 article 77 paragraph (2)

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UMP Indonesia 2023 – Provincial Minimum Wage.

Below are the 2023 minimum monthly wages for the 34 provinces in Indonesia.

Provinces in IndonesiaMinimum salary 2023
1. BaliRp 2,713,672
2. JakartaRp 4,901,798
3. AcehRp 3,413,666
4. BantenRp 2,661,280
5. Banka BelitungRp 3,498,479
6. BengkuluRp 2,418,280
7. West Nusa Tenggara (NTB)Rp 2,371,407
8. JambiRp 2,943,000
9. North KalimantanRp 3,251,703
10. East KalimantanRp 3,201,396
11. South KalimantanRp 3,149,977
12. West KalimantanRp 2,608,601
13. Central KalimantanRp 3,181,013
14. North SumatraRp 2,710,493
15. South SumatraRp 3,404,177
16. West SumatraRp 2,742,476
17. North SulawesiRp 3,485,000
18. South SulawesiRp 3,385,145
19. South East SulawesiRp 2,758,948
20. West SulawesiRp 2,871,794
21. Central SulawesiRp 2,599,546
22. GorontaloRp 2,989,350
23. MalukuRp 2,812,827
24. North MalukuRp 2,976,720
25. LampungRp 2,633,284
26. PapuaRp 3,864,696
27. RiauRp 3,191,662
28. Riau Islands ProvinceRp 3,279,194
29. East Nusa Tenggara (NTT)Rp 2,123,994
30. West PapuaRp 3,282,000
31. East JavaRp 2,040,244
32. Central JavaRp 1,958,169
33. West JavaRp 1,986,670
34. YogyakartaRp 1,981,782
Minimum Wages Indonesia Provinces 2023

UMK Bali 2023 – Regency/City Minimum Wage

The 2023 minimum wage for Bali as a province is Rp 2,713,672 (UMP Bali) which was a raise of 7.81% from the Bali UMP in 2022 at Rp 2,516,971.

The nine regencies of Bali each have their own minimum wage (the UMK Bali). The minimum wage of each Bali regency cannot be lower than that of the Bali provincial minimum wage.

These are the Bali minimum wages for 2023;

Regency in BaliMinimum salary 2023
DenpasarRp 2,994,646
BadungRp 3,163,837
GianyarRp 2,837,680
TabananRp 2,824,613
JembranaRp 2,738,698
BulelengRp 2,716,206
KlungkungRp 2,714,642
KarangasemRp 2,730,264
BangliRp 2,713,672
Minimum Wages Bali Regencies 2023

Below is the official document from the local Bali Government confirming the 2023 minimum salaries per regency.

Bali minimum wages 2023

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